Busy Elves and Videos

Unique Times

This is a smorgasbord of fun for various reasons:

The biggest one being, the mother I was, has retired herself and now is coming out to play and take videos and pictures of my adult kids, entertaining themselves. It turns out they will always be kids at heart and I no longer need to be the entertainment center. YAY!

And I have finally made a promised video for Luke and those of you who have asked for exercises to support your back health, since we are all finding ourselves sitting more than usual.

F inding new found treasures

U nbeknownstto me

N ever losing your sense of wonder!

Found the playful elves in Santa’s workshop

Using natural elements to create Santa’s Reindeers:

Women and tools with men who think they rule

Girls are no fools

Tired foreman after supervising the Elfs sleeping with Casian

And Now a workout video because…

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