Alone – and maybe a little lonely?


The umpteenth rewatch of Burlesque this weekend brought me back around once more to a quote by god-knows-who (it’s been milked so much):
‘I may be alone, but I’m not lonely’.

And never before has it probably felt more true than in this year of corona-maddened 2020. Because this has suddenly become a harsh reality for pretty much the entire worlds population. All the social butterflies. All the crowd-lovers, festivalgoers and party-animals are suddenly returned to the confines of their empty houses. Alone. Not necessarily lonely, but if you’re someone new to being alone – they often do tend to feel the same.

Although, arguably, some people ARE, in fact, very lonely. I myself, sometimes, am as well. The difference between being alone (aka, not being around a physical entity-other-than-yourself) and lonely (aka, (feeling like you’re) existing separately from any and all physical-or-not entities)…

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