Love and hate…


Love and hate

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"A old poem from 1978. Youth allow the mind to ponder without fear of failure."

   Love and hate

Sitting by the Monterey bay alone.
Thinking about a missed woman.
I made a wish.
It wasn’t the first star,
but I made the wish anyway.

Stars so very bright, so many I can’t count them.
I have a wish.
A wish for a woman with the hungry eyes.

Eyes that make a man beg for forgiveness,
before accomplishing any wrong deeds.

I wish to be tied up in a love.
Where only the road to hell will bring peace.

Wishes are fool’s notions.
The only wish that will come true is when you find death.

I will sing a fool’s notion.
Make a wish.
Maybe some twisted God will bring me to her.

I will look into her eyes.
Feel weak from …

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