A Different Kind of Grateful (Elfchen-Style)

Please come and enjoy Celaine’s wonderful Elfcens of being Grateful! Enjoy!

Steps In Between

Isolation during the holidays is and will be…different. I am heartbroken for the routines and traditions of many families now altered in our world today. Although looking more thoughtfully, I see a new perspective rise beyond the ashes. Perhaps we’ve grown a bit soft. Life is full of challenges. This is surely one of them. And its crying for the attention of all, not going anywhere until we see it through. So, I intend to do just that. I will still make memories…new memories.

Here are a few Elfchen poems that scattered across my thoughts this Thanksgiving:


folded loosely

under dinner plate;

a table set for



meals shared

across many miles.

True hearts never measure



never alone

with closed eyes.

Aromas and flavors create



including those

not physically home,

clasp hands in mind,



lives lived,

when one remembers

to give thanks…

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