Texas bars and Texas women


 Texas bars and Texas women

(A old poem written in 1993. When I roam the Texas as a young man.)

The Doctor told  me.
“You are damn healthy.
You must take care of your self.”

I smile.

I’m thinking about those Long Island ice teas down at the shot bar
that would be enjoying in downtown Austin tonight.

I buried my third brother in a lonely grave in 1990.
They didn’t do a lot of good living.
They were like babies dying before learning how to live.

Hank William Jr. is singing in the background,
“Why do we drink. Why do we smoke”.

I drink to missed friends,
I drink to beautiful women,
I drink for my brother’s.

I smile at  pretty, young Austin’s girls.
Tall, long legs, and filled with the spirit to celebrate life.
My good luck of being station in Texas.

Nothing better then the Texas two…

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I want birds tweeting


Written: © Maxima

You know, my love,
As the time goes by
And the winter sets in
My only wish is
To keep warm
On the fire of your love
But you’re far away…
Actually, you are not!
You’re here with me
And millions of playful confetti
Cover us
Our lips are one
Speaking the language
Of hearts in love

You know, my love,
As the time goes by
More and more
I want my bed
To smell of you
I want birds tweeting
To wake us
Our faces bathing
In the sun
Caressed by
The warm breeze of happiness

You know, my love
I love you with all my heart
And you are in me
Deep within.

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Two poems in Palewell Press Anthology

The Cheesesellers Wife

I’m delighted to tell you that I have two poems in ‘Can you hear the people sing?‘ a new anthology from Palewell Press:

Can you Hear the people sing?

My poems are Front Doors and Night’s Midpoint

Palewell Press’s second anthology of poetry and prose brings together a global set of writers, sharing their experiences of Covid-19, lockdown, the pandemic, losing track of time, a reprieve for nature, and their hopes for the future.

This anthology shares worldwide responses to the pandemic, from Yan Li’s testament to suffering in China; through Joseph Kafala of Sierra Leone’s Center for Memory and Reparations; Iranian-born Sholeh Wolpé in California; María Cristina Azcona, President of the International Forum for Literature and Culture of Peace in Latin America; Simon Lichman in Jerusalem, working for peace between Israeli and Palestinian communities; many UK-based human rights advocates: Dima Mekdad, Hasan Kahya, Anna Maria Mickiewicz, Nasrin…

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Stephen W. Buchanan

I Write Her

Mixed Emotions

I thought you could,
I don’t know why,
but there you stood
watching me cry.
Not wanting to,
I wanted you
to see in me.

Sweet Little Lies

The lies you tell
smell oh, so sweet
That’s just as well
since I’m no treat
Unhappy pair
going nowhere
We made our shade

Seeing the Void

upon my soul
left from the toll
of losing you
Or seeming to
in screams of dreams


Stephen W. Buchanan enjoys writing poetry, especially in the ha’sonnet form. He publishes his ha’sonnets at “If You Haven’t Got A Sonnet” and occasionally elsewhere, often with a cat on his lap. You can read his first feature on The Short of Ithere.


If you’d like to be featured on The Short of It, click here for the submissions guidelines.


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All In The Eyes

Spirited Soul 🐺

Look at ur wretched heart

So tiny as a dime

Left with no words 2 say

So empty and lost in time

Searching for broken souls

Running 2 corners that have no lite

Floating across all the burning coals

Then running into darkness like a thief into the nite

U never want 2 be found

To go thru the days with no shame

A narcissist with malignant tendencies

No regrets and show no pain

U find joy in others sadness

It’s all in the eyes

Inside ur head lives true madness

Emptiness and only broken lies


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