Focus – The Spotlight effect

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Earlier this week , while I was burying myself in the sugary haze of a marzipan cake (better than booze, I’m arguing), I literally broke the knife while attempting to carve through the crust of this thing. As in – I actually broke the blade away from the handle completely. SNAP. CRACK. My flair for drama instantly evoked me photographing the incident and posting it to my Instagram story with the tagline ‘It’s just one of them days…’

You know. A Murphy’s law day. With things going awry. Breaking. Messing up. Now, I’ll admit that I am not a pro-photographer and my Insta-update frequency is a whopping once a month (if that) because frankly: who does anything interesting during lockdown? So I had no big expectations for this pic on my feed whatsoever.

Turns out though – posting that picture held a lifelesson.

Throughout the day-of-posting I…

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