Love and Doubt

Dragonfly Poetry

Standing underneath 
a grove of autumn trees
the girl and her charms
compliment each other.
One can’t really tell
where the sky begins
all that I can confess,
I can only stare.
There are certain words
that are so often whispered
a thousand different ways of course.
I watch as she steps
the ground sits convered
in the most colorful of leaves.
Her arms are straight down
twisted around her sides,
her legs slightly crossed,
the girl admires her voyeur.
She’s in her anemic blouse
see-through or otherwise
it’s still her favorite time of year.
So what exactly
has caught my eye?
Her amazing horse cropped boots,
tall, and at a perfect height.
I swear to the Gods
this girl and her designs,
she’s incredibly accessorized
with thick chunky bracelets,
one on each wrist.
With summer now gone and faded
her eyes are rich and full.
Autumn and this beautiful…

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