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As someone with a strong focus on efficiency and a goal-oriented mindset, I’m used to analyzing the things I’m doing (or have done) in order to discern the patterns that will allow me to bend the rules of the game as much to my favor as humanly possible.

The simple fact of life is, after all, that everything has patterns that will help you in doing just that. Whether it’s best practices or easy-to-use loopholes to get around constricting and process-slowing limitations and situations at work. Or asking the right people for the right favors to increase your chances of positive answers. Whether it’s finding the best formulation for requests that might otherwise be denied or organizing your data in such a way that you can always find what you need the quickest – it pays to know your playing field and it helps to maximize your position…

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Thursday Inspiration – Late

Keep it alive

Paula is the host of Thursday Inspiration

Welcome to Thursday Inspiration!

This week’s theme islateand the image is below. Here’s a snippet of song from Pat Benatar’s “Little Too Late.”

You can cry to me baby
But there’s only so much I can take
It’s a little too little
It’s a little too late

Roses and timepiece


Tick tock of the clock reminds me of the time passing by

An hour or two, I am still waiting for you to show up as promised

I wouldn’t mind if it were just the question of you running late

What really breaks my heart is that you value me less than time




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Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #93

Keep it alive

Welcome to “Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge.”

The image below is from StreetRealityPhotogr at DeviantArt.For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows a woman on a foggy day standing and waiting at a bus stop sign.


Approaching dusk and impending fog

She is nervously waiting for the bus, alone

She sees many vehicles pass by but no sign of the bus

Suddenly she is startled by a tap on her shoulder

“Lisa! You here! I can’t believe my eyes”, he said

She smiles a happy smile as she realizes who he is

A friend from long ago now seems like a knight to rescue

He offers to give her a ride and also shared a meal




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Daily Prompts- Calm

Keep it alive

Whenever the hectic pace of life gets too much

I imagine myself in a place that’s tranquil and calm

There is preponderance of quiet there, serenity is prevalent

I dip my feet in the still water, shunning away

The impertinent din of everyday life from myself

I ponder upon the mysteries of birth and death in this calm

In response to the following prompts;




Place, Feet, Imagine





Word of the day challenge;




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Love and Doubt

Dragonfly Poetry

Standing underneath 
a grove of autumn trees
the girl and her charms
compliment each other.
One can’t really tell
where the sky begins
all that I can confess,
I can only stare.
There are certain words
that are so often whispered
a thousand different ways of course.
I watch as she steps
the ground sits convered
in the most colorful of leaves.
Her arms are straight down
twisted around her sides,
her legs slightly crossed,
the girl admires her voyeur.
She’s in her anemic blouse
see-through or otherwise
it’s still her favorite time of year.
So what exactly
has caught my eye?
Her amazing horse cropped boots,
tall, and at a perfect height.
I swear to the Gods
this girl and her designs,
she’s incredibly accessorized
with thick chunky bracelets,
one on each wrist.
With summer now gone and faded
her eyes are rich and full.
Autumn and this beautiful…

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