Giving Thanks

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Unique Times

Count Your Blessings and Watch Them Multiply

Sending you all a little blessing from nature today, especially for those of you who are stuck in the house and or confined. This is a little sample of my daily meanderings as I work. Such beautiful creatures I get to interact with everyday, and I’m particularly happy visiting them at my clients houses, since I have detoured them out of my yard so they don’t destroy my garden. This is in a protected community in Portola Valley Ranch in Portola Valley, Ca. where animals roam freely and safe. They are grateful to be spared on Turkey Day and send their appreciation and empathy to others who will be dinner. Gobble, Gobble.

Hunkering down peacefully as we stand by: Might this be Vixon?

Here’s Hunter, my Husky Shepherdrd. He’s the most loving docile dog in the world but he will take a deer…

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