Not That Kind

Poetry Out West

Madonna/Whore Complex

I’m not that kind of girl.

I am that kind of girl.

I can separate work and love.

I can’t separate work and love.

I know what I want.

I don’t know what I want.

Laughter and light.

Sadness and dark.

I don’t like one night stands.

I could like one night stands.

My heart is not for sale.

My heart is open for business.

I’m not a fuck buddy.

I could be a fuck buddy.

I am so much more.

I amall there is.

I want to be number one.

I don’t want to mean that much.

So I can learn to trust.

So I will never learn.

I don’t want to be second best.

I want to be what you want me to be.

I am worthy of love.

I am unworthy of love.

I want to be desired.

I don’t want…

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Autumn Dayspring

Charmed Chaos

Dawn in Mesa

Peach faced sun peeking
over the painted horizon
singing with glory the promise
of a brilliant Autumn dayspring

Crisp cool air upon bare cheeks
the striking scene mesmerizing
I close my eyes and listen, in sync
with the tiny hummingbird’s tweeting

His joyous song dances on rose tinted air,
as he puffs his small iridescent chest
and mourning doves join with gentle coos
in this moment, I am infinite, blessed.

Author’s Note: A poem written in 2018. No time to write; Doctor appointment today.

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59 and counting

Keep it alive

I am 59 today!

Am I older and wiser than I was yesterday?

Or maybe I will be next year on my sixtieth birthday, the big one?

I always feel excited on my birthday, though I am not a child anymore

I think that this excitement comes from the realization

That I am still alive, still able to enjoy my life

That whatever life throws at me, I will eventually cope

I am grateful to be able to live till I am no longer

I should make the best of my today and tomorrows

For I don’t know how many have been granted to me



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Daily Prompts- Who’s fault was it?

Keep it alive

It wasn’t anybody’s fault

She really thought she had seen him

Take the money from someone’s bag

But it turned out to be just a figment of her imagination

And he never forgot or forgave her for that unjust accusation

Years later they met under different circumstances

At a gathering in the city center, they bumped into each other

The intricate frill of her shawl got tangled

With the curls on the crown of her head

He gave it a strong tug making her roar in pain

Now they were quits, both had hurt each other

It was a mystery to their friends, why they fell in love later

In response to the following prompts;




Intricate, Unjust, Center





Word of the day challenge;


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