Hide And Seek – Part 9/13

Frank Solanki

“Why is my friend, Darkness, so afraid of you?” asked the little boy

And Light said —
“A long, long time ago
Darkness used to dwell in Heaven
And Light was his closest friend
They were inseparable
Running around, jumping, playing
Spreading happiness everywhere
Always together

“They were also God’s favourite children
He loved them so much
That He let the world be their playground
But He also gave them some duties
He asked them
To keep the playground intact
To not let any harm come to it
All they had to do
Was to travel to every corner of the world

“One ill-fated day
While leisuring with Darkness
Light forgot all about her duties
A portion of the universe
Was left unattended
It began to rot
And soon it withered
Withered beyond recovery

“When God summoned the two
For an explanation
Light stood still
Without uttering a single…

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