Tips to Boost the Love Hormone

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Many of us may know oxytocin as the hormone that’s released after sex that makes you want to cuddle up with your partner, but there are other activities that can encourage oxytocin release as well. There are a number of unexpected ways to increase oxytocin in the morning that don’t involve sex, and they can have you feeling just as good. Although the hormone can be useful any time of day, it’s nice to start off your morning with feelings of calmness, contentment, and empathy for those around you.

Here are tips to boost the love hormone :

  • Make Eye Contact – When you smile warmly and look into one another’s eyes oxytocin can encourage a sense of trust.
  • Hug – While in each other’s embrace sharing a hug, oxytocin can make you want to stay and cuddle.
  • Hold Hands – Touch can decrease the stress hormone cortisol, lower blood pressure, and…

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