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Recently, my dear friend, Chuck, posted aboutThe Magic Power of Words, which prompted me to comment…

“It took me years to become a writer. I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up until I was in my late 40s but what finally pushed me in that direction was finally understanding what I loved so much – words – how they sounded, their definitions, how I enjoyed forming sentences or thoughts and what made music and reading so special to me. I had been in love with words all my life. It was time to honor them.”

… and he later asked me to expound on those thoughts. Interestingly, I had already created a draft to do precisely that! I will happily double down on the view that words are special and wonderful and every positive adjective out there – in…

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Come and Collect Your Hug!!!

Spirited Soul 🐺

I am sending all of u out there a random hug. During these troubled times I think we all need one just because. Some of us r lonely, some of us r seperated from loved ones, some of us need a reason to just believe and some of us r confused and frightened of our futures. So from my heart to urs……

And if u have the time…pass it on 🥰 We all r going to be ok🍀 Love and light to everyone 😷 Stay safe out there🙏

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Poetry: Day 385


we fell in love
dancing in tumbling leaves
watching the world turn golden
(the sun sets better in Fall)
dew-dropped grass
and old park benches
a break in our running to catch each other

we fell in love
chasing a dream
polaroid photographs and syncopated music
talking about things
that were just a little difficult
(your family, your feelings)

we fell in love
in toxic imbalance
because what you said you felt

i never thought that love was complicated
until i met you

we fell in love
between sheets and pillows
losing ourselves completely
in the moments of you i managed to steal,
in your confessions

i could hang onto this love,
pretending it was real
and that you hadn’t already disappeared

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Chilling Out After A Long Day 💋


Glass of merlot, music playing …beat is good ..words better! Someone will own my heart ❤ Rocking out tonight to a great song!

Smell amazing

Kiss good 💋

Spoil me rotten

Make me your only

Be fun






Own my heart ❤

Music can put you in such a great mood

Kisses to all the beautiful bloggers out there 😘😘 sooo much love for you all!!!

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Specialist of Lonely Leaders Syndrome Hi!  I’m Jessi; a coach, writer, entrepreneur, wife and mom.  I began writing publicly in 2013 after my second child was born with Down Syndrome.  The pa…

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