The “Eyes” have it…

Roth Poetry

Eyes tell the story

Together we are secure

Even through Covid

I will protect you from harm

Wrapped tightly in my strong arms


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse we are writing about eyes… the window to the soul. When my son was little he loved Raggedy Ann. He was very protective of her. I find it interesting that their eyes are almost the same in this photo! This poem is the story of us all this year! Wear your mask and be safe.

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How can I Recapture a Sense of Hope?

Don't Lose Hope

To be hopeless is to lose all motivation to do what we need to live. It is to be in a deep, dark well without a rope. And even if it were there, we wouldn’t have the energy to climb it.”

– Dr. Winfried Sedhoff

Having hope matters. It matters a lot. Anyone who’s lost their sense of hope can tell you that.

But hope is something that can fade out of our life when awful things have happened …

Or when we’ve hoped for far too long, and nothing seems to change.

Hope can start to drain away.

If this is your experience, then what steps can you take to start to recapture that lost sense of hope? Here are some suggestions:

1. First, take proper care of your physical needs. You need to have an adequate amount of nutritious food, sleep, rest, gentle exercise – everything…

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The Thrills of Writing

The other day I came upon an old diary of mine and opened it. There lay in it’s pages my thoughts of the days of yore. Thoughts I had penned when I was studying in middle school. It contained my take on the characters I saw in movies. Recollections of the past times hit me. I realized on that day that I had written every word on that diary without being aware at the time that it gave me a release from the thoughts that occupied my mind. Giving voice to my musings was a pleasure. It freed my mind. And oh! the excitement when a couple of my articles got published in the Sunday edition of the daily newspaper that we bought.

I fully understood the thrills of writing as I reached my adult stage. Writing has allowed me to express my thoughts and ideas in an uninhibited manner…

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Love at all ages

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Love enters our lives and we are swept away by it. It carries us to heights of ecstasy where everything is sweet and magnificent. It lands us into the abyss of despair when love disowns us and flies far away from our nests. It’s a wonder that we let it into our lives even when it is so destructive at times.

Love can strike you at any age. There is a feeling of love at all ages. It is all encompassing. Love is prevalent when young, in adult life and when old. Only it’s intonation changes. The meaning remains the same.

Love overwhelms young people. Their’s is a love that is intense, naive, sweet. A young couple remains engrossed in each other. Love between an adult couple is more sedate, engaging and at the same time intense. Friendship and dependence marks love at an old…

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