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You once asked me
if I love you to the moon and back,
if I am as fulfilled with you,
as the sky satisfies me
with its vivid colors
if my declaration of love is as vast,
as it is to the expanse of the ocean.

My answer to you is:
I see the undefined beauty in your eyes,
the bare nakedness in them, touches me,
I feel vulnerably close to you and nearer to the distant emotions I’ve never felt before—which now I feel in abundance
as the expressive sky,
diving in the vast expanse of the ocean,
exploring every untamed emotion,
reflecting the impossibility of measuring my love in enormity to the moon.

I trade my beliefs for your questions
and so I am embodied with a thousand more,
I can’t help but wonder
if this is what being with you feels like
and that every…

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To Writers

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To all the writers who read this blog:

This is a very difficult time for all of us. Please remember to do the best that you can to endure. Please remember to value yourselves and your writing. Please remember that you are writers, no matter if you are published, self-published, or beginning a work. Please remember that if you write, then you are a writer.

Be proud of yourselves.

Value your writing.

Keep writing!


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Poetry Plus – Who has seen the wind? – A poem by Christina Rossetti

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Who has seen the Wind? – A poem by Christina Rossetti

The Hills Silent Stretch

The hills silent stretch
Blow blow blow November wind
Chilled the night stands still

Christina Georgina Rossetti, (1830 -1894), one of the most important of English poets both in range and quality. She excelled in works of fantasy, in poems for children, and in religious poetry.

Poem Attribution© Christina Rossetti, Who has seen the wind?

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Haiku AttributionGoff James, The Hills Silent Stretch

Image Attribution© Max Calder, Wind, (Date Unstated)

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