The Ways of Men

Charmed Chaos

When I was five, my step-grandfather tried to put his hands in places they don’t belong
But I fought him off for even I knew his actions were wrong
We were alone in his sleek sedan, the kind with one long seat
I jumped in the back, yelled and screamed
and cried all the way home

And then in my early teens, my step-father tried the same,  
When he came home late one hot Texas night 
drunker than Cooter Brown from 
the hair of the dog that he drank everyday

He put on a record- Marty Robbins singing ‘El Paso’
The sound carried through the thin walls of the trailer, waking me
He came into my room, slipped 
his hands under the threadbare sheet 
tried to touch me where a father shouldn’t 
but in my terrified state, I slapped his hands away

When I was sixteen, a man tried to…

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