Habits That Make Your Life Better Part 1

Be Inspired..!!

When it comes to creating a more balanced, happy life, we often look to massive lifestyle shifts as the only solution. (If you, like me, have ever set a New Year’s resolution to simply “be healthier”, you probably know what I mean).This mentality often results in overwhelm, lack of sustainability, and a huge sense of frustration when results don’t come as quickly or as easily as we’d like.

Sometimes all is takes is a quick adjustment in our daily routine to change our lives. Here are a few habits that make your life better :

  • Cut Your Plate in Half – Portions are too big, including the ones we serve ourselves. Next time you serve yourself, just fill half your plate (there’s always seconds). You’re less likely to overeat if you don’t load up from the get-go. At a restaurant? Take half home for the next day.
  • Log Out of…

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