Sometimes We Must Cut Our Losses Of The Heart ❤ And Move on!

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In relationships or friendships love and respect work both ways if the balance is uneven well obviously it won’t work!

Those who know me, know my life (like most of you!) Is a juggling act! Between work and being a single mom of teens and just trying to do everything is hard! I have been strong enough to face the tough road alone because I wouldn’t settle and I won’t settle now even if the road is long and hard!

Those who don’t understand my chaotic life don’t belong in it

Those who don’t understand my heart will never know what they are missing

Those who never look in my eyes will never see the pure soul I own

Those whom never touch the softness of my lips 💋 will never have a passionate kiss

Those whom will never hold my hand will understand my strength 💪

Those who dismiss…

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