Coffee Time – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Let’s face it. Sometimes life sucks. And 2020 has served us a heaping hot mess of chaos, mayhem, and frightening circumstances for us to manage and overcome. Piled onto stacks of daily challenges, and ordinary tribulations, it is easy to get overwhelmed by frustration and succumb to feeling like no matter what we do, our best efforts are futile. We reel, caught in a whirlwind of an existence we cannot control.

I have a simple strategy for reestablishing my equilibrium — I make a cup of coffee. The process has become a ritual where I build a personal sanctuary, block the rest of the world, and concentrate on me, myself, and I. Nothing intrudes or interrupts my thoughts or the precise steps required. As my coffee brews, my focus revolves on where I stand in the here and now. When I allow my mind to wander, I ask myself, “Where…

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