Fiercely Villainous


There’s two sides to every story, so I’ve come to learn in my life growing up. It’s, however, the willingness to be open to both that is a real lesson to learn. It’s a work in progress, for me.

As a child from a family split down the middle and torn in strife, with parents going through a divorce that was more of an ongoing war than an abrupt ending. And with all of the mind-play and petty fights that came with two hurt beings, out to settle their spite – I learned to pick sides quite quickly. And decisively. And unchangeably. It’s become a great part of my black-and-white personality and temper.

Throughout my years, however, I have begun to understand that in this picking of sides – perspective can quickly be lost. For those hoping to be reading something election related or that expect a pro- or anti-mask…

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