Behind the Dark Cloud

Unique Times

Behind the dark cloud the sun is always there and the clouds are wrapped in cotton candy to hold your tears and fears.

Lower Lake, California

Good Morning,

This is to my children and all of us that suffer silently and loudly. I just want you to know that I’m thinking of you as you go through your day no matter how difficult it might be, and let you know I’m sending you love and blessings.

❤️ Cindy

When you are in pain, I too am in pain. I wish I could take whatever you are going through away and make it right. It was easy in your younger days with skinned knees where bactine, a band-aid and hug was all that was needed to send you happily on your way.

Life can’t always prepare you for hard knocks and unexpected tragedies that are out of our control, that bring…

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