-Grown ups-


And we all grew up through it all didn’t we?

From losing people to mending our souls at dawn.

From hearing good-byes from the ones whose “hello” we would cherish the whole day.

From loving a person to losing them.

From crying out loud to crying in silence.

From being with friends to feeling all lonely even with them around us.

From chasing dreams to running away from pain.

From living with happiness to drowning with sadness.

From everything to nothing, from nothing to everything,

we still are growing alive in this cosmos called, life.

Like a butterfly,

unknown of its own colourful wings,

stuck flying in a colourful world,

blinded with pain, hooded with

unknown whispers of poisonous words,

we fly along the winds of fate,

leaving trails of happiness,

we live through it all,

we grow with it all.


Hey there beautiful people,

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Inked onto a blank scrap of paper, giving life,
I inhaled and exhaled life.

The voice was slowly let out through me as I reflected those in words.

I’ve been trapped both in mind and soul.
Now, through this paper.
Uncage me , I’ve been meaning to live a life through air and be breezed out by a voice.

Uncage me, I’ve been meaning to change

I’ve aged being trapped, I’ve disappeared being unread, blurred into thin air, smuged onto a piece of paper,
I’ve lived.

Uncage me , for I’ve dreams to live in many young hearts.
for as long it could move the young blood forward.

Inked in hearts,

inked on papers,

I’m nothing but words,

sometimes untouched,
and powerful.

Powerful, powerful than any weapons
on earth.


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We shall rise and we shall fall….


We shall fall and rise


I listened to you, you are so damn pretty and you carry a heavy heart. I made you laugh and I told you. Naked heart and too much drink, weave us into a confused mess. Pretty lady, slow down, gather your life. We shall fall and rise. Life is a fine teacher, break us, make us become who we suppose to be.

I was adrift in her eyes and she knew. We were cigarettes, hard drink and desperate nights. We accepted token kisses and languished in woven dreams. We crashed and burn in a Austin, Texas motel. She told me often, Dear poet, we are sometime lovers, sometime friends. You are the steady ground I need when I can’t face the night. I whispered to her. We are vagabonds seeking too little, too much. We dressed-up love, we stripped to bare skin and we…

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Place Your Problems in Your Pillow to Dream Amazing Solutions – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Sometimes my schedule demands I write late at night. Exhausted, from twelve to eighteen hours of activity and ready for bed, creating a story can be challenging. I have adopted a new strategy to make even my midnight writing sessions productive. The trick is scheduling and planning and working while I slumber. It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But the results are surprising. The last thing I do before I cuddle my pillow is to decide on the next piece. I may have a vague idea, or I might be clueless. It doesn’t matter. I only need a general direction.

Tired, yawning, and falling asleep, I assign the problem for my brain to solve. I tell it to conjure a story for the morning. Upon waking, I find a completely formed idea, with a beginning, middle, and satisfying end. I take notes if I feel compelled and hold it tight until…

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