Something has changed

A Faded Romantic's Notebook

Her life is the same.

Yet something subtle, imperceptible, indefinable has changed.

She seeks it in the buildings, the landscape, the weather and the light.  In the steam from her coffee. She looks for it in the faces of others. She tries to find clues in music, in art, and in films that make her laugh and cry. In books and in magazines and in the words of romantic poets

She watches clouds making familiar shapes across an ordinary sky.

She stands surrounded by night and studies the moon and stars. She lets the breeze tug at her hair and listens for something she might not hear.

In her room, with the lights down low, she examines her body, stripping naked, running her hands over her skin. She is alive to her own touch. Her fingers make her sigh. She breathes deeply.

She stares back at herself and tries to…

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Write Your Memoirs Now

Roth Poetry

Tell your story

Let it roll from your mind like an avalanche

Mighty and intense

Driven by unstoppable forces

Knowing that if not you

No one

Will ever know the depth of joy and pain

It will be lost


Now is the opportune time to write your Memoirs. With Covid-19 keeping us from the many activities we used to do, you now have the time to reflect on your life. The shadow of death all around us reminds us that our mortality is not an ongoing thing. You can do it all and self-publish it yourself.

You might think you can’t remember all the details of the past enough to write a memoir. But, it is a lot easier than you might imagine. Take time to reflect on your life. Remember your family events, funny incidents, serious incidents, births, deaths, travels, school experiences, church experiences and many more. Think…

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Word of the Day Challenge

WordofthedayheaderimageFaitour | Word of the day, Unusual words, Uncommon words

The Word of the Day isFAITOUR.

Write a poem, story or anecdote inspired by this word.

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Most Importantly, Have Fun! 😀

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Sarah Doughty

“I am not bound by labels. I choose
the ones I accept. And so can you.”

I am a paradox, a walking contradiction.
Lost but found. Broken but whole.
Haunted but free. Loved and hated.
But I’m also part cliché.
For I love the moon and the stars
and the infinity of nothing in between.
For I love the fires burning in autumn,
the wind’s whispers against my back,
the water that envelopes me
and welcomes me home,
and the earth that keeps my feet
on the ground while my head
reaches the clouds, daring to dream.
Although I can be fit into labels
as easily as my own skin,
I am not bound by them.
I choose the ones I accept now.
Because I can. And so can you.

© Sarah Doughty

Only define yourself for who you are.

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