Say, a prayer for me


  Say a prayer for me

Please friend. Whisper a prayer for me. I had lived swimming in sin, gin and bad love. Today I’m barren and alone.

A long time ago. I held great dreams. I thought love would be forever and I was going to save our world. I learn the vodka and juice wasn’t my savior. Old men and old women who find the purgatory Inn. Last Tavern for the wasters of life and love. Are just waiting for proper ending.

Somehow I got twisted-up and I got used up.  I fell in love with bad women, the long highway and the new cities.

I learn. The highways, they never end.  The vodka and juice become more bitter with time. The traveling and the rambling man who lay no foundation. He will died alone.

Men who never show real face, need a prayer and a wish. The…

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Remember me, remember us…


 Remember me, remember us

Pretty lady sat alone by a closed window and she is waiting. She is waiting for a memory.  Once she was deeply in  love and now she know her lover. Faded away and now two strangers accepting less, share a bed, share a quiet house.

Soft tears fall down soft cheeks and she did the lover’s prayer—

”                The lover’s prayer

Dear one am hour. Please make love return to me, please make love, crazy and alive again.
Please bring back the night of a thousand kisses and the demands and want to make love till the morning light.
Please make him. Only see me, please make him only need me.
I want sweet red wine and his words.
Whispering. You are my life and you are my only wish.
I love you more than anything and you are my everything.
Please remember me, remember us”

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The Beast

I Write Her

Evan Clark – Unsplash

Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #55 & VJ’s Weekly Challenge #120 – Frivolous

this solitary fallen tree
steady underneath my feet
had not a frivolous purpose
but rather an important task
it easily supported me

looking up i realized
the dragon beast of the lake impaled
forming silent screams of wailing
its frozen arms flailing
i, the witness to its defeat


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Reflecting On Thankful Things

I Write Her

Inspired by Sadje’s Sunday Poser #1 – I am grateful this year for…

Many things have gotten me through these last 58 years in no particular order of preference or admiration. A lot has tried to take me down too, but here I am anyways. 😉

In 2020, I’m grateful for my good friends even though the hugs, the conversations, and the interactions are few and far apart. Thankfully, my husband is my rock and a strong support person, as well as my boys, who I’m in contact with just about every day. I’m genuinely missing their hugs, though. But we’ll get there!

Working from home was the norm for me before Covid-19, so that hasn’t changed. I will always be immensely grateful I get to do my gig in the comfort of my surroundings. My “prison,” which some people might call it, is my she-cave, and it’s safe…

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