November 8 Day 8 of NaNoWriMo 2020

Jo Hawk


Yesterday did not begin as I planned. It progressed by presenting me with a never-ending list of chores that were completely different and in total opposition to my well-conceived writing strategy. Unfortunately, many items were necessary, and my choice boiled down to whether I wanted to deal with them now or later. I finished these annoying tasks and moved forward. A much-needed nap punctuated the dayโ€™s non-stop activity. Then, after adding a whopping 327 words to my total, it was time for bed.

Feeling somewhat wiser, I composed a note which I left on next yearโ€™s calendar. It admonishes future me to assume I will write for NaNo. I also told myself to guarantee a better start, I should be sure to complete any ongoing projects in October. Live and learn.

Are you writing for NaNo?

How is Day 8 progressing?


Keep on writing.

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