Bad, bad woman…..


  Bad bad woman

She was the finest lady at the Stray cat Inn. She was wearing her tight black dress showing off her strong legs and robust breasts. Her beautiful face was seeking someone willing to give everything away to her. The jazz was sweet and sad tonight. I told my friend Henry, the jazz man. Play me a slow song, so slow that you will tempt the devil woman to me.

I wrote in my notebook. The devil dances at midnight and I want the bad, bad woman to see me. I want her wrap those powerful legs around my legs and for her to tell me. I am the only one. Henry smiled and he told me. I will play the song you need my friend. Remember Johnnie, the Devil lady never lose. Her heart is black coal and greedy. Lelia saw me whispering to the jazz man…

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I found a twenty-five year old storage bag. Filled with old photos and old letters. I went through them, one by one. Each photo showed me a stranger, who lived and now he was myth and tale. I found some letters from my Italian beauty Marcella.

So sad, I forgot her name and her face. 27 years ago, she was my muse, my wish in Monterey. We had California, we had free days and we didn’t want to own anything.

“I remember you my beautiful Marcella,

I remember my barefoot honey who love to dance with the Pacific,

who love to drink the tequila and loved to be kissed my California sun.
I showed her Big Sur, the River Inn.

I remembered she lay nude by the Pfiefer beach and she asked me.

Johnnie, is the soldier life, the life for the poet?

Please find something to do, you…

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On the Bottom Looking Up


I was called a maggot once

Because I “liked” a certain poets poem

That’s right a little check mark with Stellas name

I defended myself and it unleashed fury like you’ve never seen

I was attacked

I cried at the terrible things said to me

I defend the broken

I’m on the side of the weak

I’ve been included in the lowest bottom dwellers

Bottom dwellers on a list of the greatest poets on WordPress

Haha I don’t think that is too bad

And I’m watched still

One time I could not accept the words of love because I do not deserve it

No one could love the broken me

The love turned to hate easily

Or dislike or something

Was it even love

So I’m a maggot bottom dweller:/

The fact is I would help anyone



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Word of the Day Challenge


Today’s Word of the Day is Lure.

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My light is shining.

flashlight batteries - Ali Grimshaw

A big thank you to Susi Bocks for sharing my voice on, “The Short of It.” I invite you to visit her site,, for a reading of my short poems including this one. Thank you to all the readers that keep poetry alive.

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Thunderstorm Conversations

Lean into the loud
hold curiosity’s hand
consider this thundering
consider it may not mean what you thought.

This crack clashing boom 
only an illusion of danger.

Maybe it isn’t a disastrous end
but a calling of resounding strength
a breaking through from your ancestors
reverberating out across the sky,

“We are with you.”

Ali Grimshaw 2020

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Stream Of Consciousnesses Saturday

Keep it alive

Lindais the host of Stream Of Consciousnesses Saturday

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “jour.” Find a word containing “jour” or use it as is. Bonus points if you start or end your post with that word. Enjoy!


Journeyof a thousand miles starts with a single step

Nothing can be finished if it doesn’t start first

Don’t be afraid of failing as trying and failing

Is a testament to the fact that you attempted

So go ahead, take that first step, Iwish you bonjour!




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Daily Prompts- Smoke and mirrors

Keep it alive

The same old trick with smoke and mirrors

Misdirection and leading on the wrong path

There are many that fall prey to these tactics

But here’s a news flash for those in power

You may not divulge the truth, keeping people

Hostage to lies and deception for some of the time

But the human mind is gifted with a wonderful diversity of thought

They will suss out the truth hidden behind the deceit

The prolific harvest of your lies will wilt under

The bright light of truth illuminating the darkness

It will be knocked out for the count when faced

With the powerful force of enlightenment

In response to the following prompts;




Smoke, Flash, Error





Word of the day challenge;




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