To Know Her πŸ’‹


To know her

Is to understand

Her life chaotic

Constant demands

But it is hers

Doing the best she can

With what this world has given her

So loved by many


She is ready to explore

All possibilities

Those whom know her

Know what she has been through

Those whom don’t

Haven’t a clue

To know her πŸ’‹

Black stiletto

Diamond nails

Gold glitter too

Ruby lips


Gentle kiss

High heel boots

Angels face

Garters and lace

Sexy tattoos

Properly placed

Just a taste of her

Smelling of the merlot she sips

At night

Bold and strong

Yet her innocence bruised

By the wicked

To know her is to know

All the constant blows


She faced all alone in the night

Arising from the darkness

Into the light

To live again

Hard times drifting afar

Standing tall

She will not fall

But will face the world and…

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