Tinder Tales – Darn those algorithms!


These days I’m taking a very business-like approach to online dating. Currently, to me, it’s much like household-work, or administrative work or obligatory family visits. A chore. Something that has to be done. A box to tick on the to-do list of the day. ‘Swipe right on (at least) three guys‘.

And I do that just for the sake of swiping, not because I’m actually expecting (or hoping) that something comes out of it. Can’t even honestly say I am having any fun doing it. Those apps hate me as much as I hate them. I even downgraded from ‘get one match a day‘ to the swipe deal for the simple fact that I don’t….yaknow….get matches that easily. Keeping up that bargain would mean a LOT of hours swiping. Painful (because being a girl is supposed to be like playing Tinder on easy…

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