A Fire in the Sky – #poetry

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

There’s a fire in the sky,
A blaze in the night;
The phoenix has risen,
A harrowing sight.

Out of the ashes,
She burns like a flame;
Dare not touch her,
You’ll not be the same.

Anger has plagued her,
She’s out on a tear;
No mercy does she hold,
You better beware.

She’ll scald like acid,
Her touch is sure death;
Like a funeral pyre,
She’ll steal your last breath.

Coveting daylight,
She blocks out the sun
Engulfing, surrounding
There’s nowhere to run.

As she savages the land,
With a spark she does maim
Sad to say, we have only
Us humans to blame….

**Authors Note:  The incredible picture above was taken by my friend Sharon.  This was the sky, down the shore in NJ, last night.  Can you see the face in the fiery clouds? I chose to believe it was a phoenix, although I must admit…

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