A Fire in the Sky – #poetry

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

There’s a fire in the sky,
A blaze in the night;
The phoenix has risen,
A harrowing sight.

Out of the ashes,
She burns like a flame;
Dare not touch her,
You’ll not be the same.

Anger has plagued her,
She’s out on a tear;
No mercy does she hold,
You better beware.

She’ll scald like acid,
Her touch is sure death;
Like a funeral pyre,
She’ll steal your last breath.

Coveting daylight,
She blocks out the sun
Engulfing, surrounding
There’s nowhere to run.

As she savages the land,
With a spark she does maim
Sad to say, we have only
Us humans to blame….

**Authors Note:  The incredible picture above was taken by my friend Sharon.  This was the sky, down the shore in NJ, last night.  Can you see the face in the fiery clouds? I chose to believe it was a phoenix, although I must admit…

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The First step

Confab With Me

When we decide to break the mold, not accepting the status quo, when we detest blaming fate then we take the first step towards happiness

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Are We Past Hope?


It is the morning after the election and I woke up feeling numb. I probably only slept about four hours as nightmares of angry Trump mobs kept jolting me up all night. I’m in disbelief that half of my country is clearly racist, ageist, uncultured, unable to research fact from fiction, and that hate apparently is winning over love. That is what 45’s strong numbers seem to exhibit. I’m devastated and broken hearted. And my kooky imagination keeps hearing lines from Shakespeare.

You know, the interesting thing about being a former actress and a teacher for 36 years, is that lines from countless plays and novels swim around my head and contuously rise to the forefront of my brain on just the right occasion. I have recited so many lines over the years from plays I performed, or novels I either read or taught, that at the drop of a…

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Daily Prompts- Where are you?

Keep it alive

Where are you?

Are you in that tear that falls in joy

Or in that rainbow that illuminates the sky

Are you hiding in the flora dotting the hills

Maybe I can find you in the stream of water cascading

Down those stones singing with the flowing brooks

I look for you everywhere

At the outcome of my search, I realized

That you always were residing in my heart

We were fated to be together always

I just needed to look into my soul

In response to the following prompts;




Remote, React, Sky





Word of the day challenge;




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