I want to fall in love again


I want to fall in love again….

The deepest midnight wishes we have.

Wishes to the first star seen above in the early dust of the night,

wishes shared for the moon and the sea.

Just secret wishes we hope to know again, taste again.

I told the half-moon, I want to fall in love again, I want to fall in love again.

I want a blushing beauty who know laughter and we are kind to each other.
Beautiful muses sing in my dreams.

I remember the midnight talks and when love beckon us to sweet kisses and embrace.

Two faithful hearts were content to dwell in each other world.
I want to know again, the passion way,where someone make you live and die in their arms.

I told the half-moon.
I want to hear the voice of my dearest love,

hear her say, please drink of me.

Take what…

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