Finding Happiness in A Surprise Butterfly Encounter — Daily Quote 

Jo Hawk


It is astonishing how much everything can change in a matter of one week. Last weekend I started work on my fall cleanup projects in the garden. Purple flowers covered the chrysanthemums I had planted in my front border. Those stunning blossoms attracted not only my attention but also the interest of at least a dozen bees and a single gorgeous Monarch butterfly.

Afraid to move, and scarcely daring to breathe, I stood transfixed. I didn’t want to scare him away, but he didn’t seem to notice me. Oblivious, he stayed focus on his task of gathering the precious bits of sweetness from the yellow flower center. Monarchs migrate to Mexico each autumn, traveling thousands of miles to escape killing frost, so he would need every ounce of energy he could glean from the nectar.

The forecast predicted freezing temperatures and snow mid-week, and my mums are proof of the…

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