Trying To Shake Off The Last 13 Years Tonight …đź’‹


To know me is to know all I have faced for the last 13 years …and know I am learning to let go!

Despite all the fears and pain I have endured ….the love of those who know me will get me to the end!

Love and understanding come with forgiveness…as I forgive those whom have hurt me!

To be real is to be honest…even at your weakest moments…those whom love you will hold your hand!

Mistakes happen under tremendous stress…the mind and heart work against each other ….its up to you to see where that may lead!

Fight for what you want ….the reward is huge!

Don’t give up because your afraid…give in to it because if you don’t..the fear will destroy you!

You must scarfice to gain!

Get what you want …stop waiting…if you wait to long…it could fade!

Speak volumes…whispering is too quiet!

Try again…just saying…


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