Thursday Photo Prompt- Open

Keep it alive

I am sharing this post from June 2019, written in response to Sue’s prompt- Open

The doors

Open……….open these doors

You shout at the top of your voice

Let in the light, I am sick of the dark

Can’t anyone see how stale is the air

That we breath, trapped in this dank place

Can you not see what we have become in here

Not daring to took at the outside world

Fearing it and yet harboring a hate for all

That is on the other side of these closed doors

Open these door and be bold and courageous

Just like opening your hearts to the new light

(For visually challenged writers, the monochromeimage shows an empty corridor with several doors openingin a line, one after the other…)

In response to;

Thursdays Photo Prompt-Open#writephoto

A Prompt by;Sue Vincent



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