Genius Uses of Cotton Balls

Be Inspired..!!

Yes they are fluffy and soft and used mostly for cosmetic reasons, but cotton balls have a multitude of uses around the house!

Here are some genius uses of cotton balls :

  • Flower Plug For Your Daffodils – For hollow stemmed flowers, cut the bottom of the stem at a 45 degree angle, turn stem upside down, fill it with water and stuff with a tiny piece of cotton.
  • Rubber Glove Protector – Stuff ends of rubber gloves fingers with cotton balls so they won’t get punctured by sharp nails.
  • Deter Rabbits – Place cotton balls soaked in white vinegar in film canister with hole poked in lid. Place container in garden.
  • Fire Starter – Soak cotton ball in vaseline for an easy fire starter.
  • Kill Mildew in Bathroom – Clean the corner of your tiled areas of bathroom with cotton ball soaked in bleach. Place in corner and let…

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