Writer’s Lift Wednesday #35


This is a writersliftwednesday blog, sharing the works of fellow writers, poets, artists (including photographers, painters, etc.) and persons random. All re-blogs will be linked appropriately to their authors and creators.

Writing is no easy calling and nothing easy was ever worth doing. Support each other by sharing, liking and commenting.

(1) “A powerless magnet / Is no distraction,” from “Pulled in Every Direction.”

(2) Photograph, “Thor’s Well, Oregon

(3) “Rolling In The Hay,” simple and sweet. Made me smile.

Christina Schmidt, MA

1. “Pulled in Every Direction,” by Mary via mehflowers

If it doesn’t draw me
There’s no attraction
A powerless magnet
Is no distraction

My mind is filled
With undone tasks
Why force myself
Why overflow this laden flask –

Sun now falling
Moon rising high
Stars embrace the tempting light
I succumb and write

2. Photograph, “Thor’s Well, Oregon

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