To Be Heard and Seen

Unique Times

Everyday we have a choice,

Will we let ourselves get swallowed up in darkness,

Or continue to reach for the light?

It’s not easy this push to the left and pull to the right,

Even our families are in a tizzy and fight.

It seems so clear to me, and clear to them,

That they will do anything to divide our plight.

But the question is how can we continue to be true and honest to our ideals and have a dialogue so we don’t divide and separate creating more discord and dissonance? It’s one thing when we know someone from a distance or as a colleague or client, but it’s quite another, when it’s someone we love and care about; a child, sibling, parent or good friend.

Today is my Dad’s 86th birthday and we are on polar opposite sides in this election which isn’t easy. It gives…

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