Radiant Light

Charmed Chaos



Counting the days we’ve loved is like counting grains of sand
For my darling I dare not know where one ends and the other begins

Our golden days are as endless as twinkling stars in midnight sky
And the moments are as precious as sparkling jewels in the paupers hand
Should I count lush kisses that taste like honeyed wine, or
Per chance the lengthening hours until you are all mine
My dancing eyes gleam as diamonds, a radiant light from within
And in that brilliant glowing, my love is rekindled once again.
©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

Author’s Note: Lots of happenings here at the Javelina Ranch. The weather is nicer, and I’m getting my strength back. So much so, I have been working in the garden and so I am sharing one from 2018!

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