Achieving the Impossible with Your List as Your Guide — Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I am late to the party. I’m unsure if I am 100% committed. A mere three days remain to get my head into the game, narrow my focus, and devise a plan. It happens this time every year. The writing world gears up for National Novel Writing Month (NaNo), and together, we embark on individual quests to compose 50,000 words during the 30 days of November.

Writers around the globe dedicate October to preparing for the event. They outline, identify plot points, write character studies and premise statements, organize notes, clean their workspace, and establish a daily routine. Some writers rearrange everyday life to give them the best chance for success. I applaud their dedication to the goal. But while I consider myself an organizer and a planner with the commitment and the drive to win, I have not mastered the art of NaNo prep.

I first took part in…

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