Keepsake Sexts


A Writer's Soul

Keep my locked in the box underneath your bed,
A photo to gather dust and cum,
When you’re feeling vulnerable and horny,
Another trophy of your sad shelf…

But know I gave my all to you out of love,
A trust and longing that came from knowing I turned you on,
Got your dick hard and throbbing for me,
Or at least, the image I portrayed to you.
Know that an image is only a moment in time capture
Of the thoughts and feelings I felt in that singular moment, and nothing more…

Keep me buried under the shame and cravings,
The desire you wish you didn’t still feel,
The longing you know you can never escape,
Because I was the one that got away and I’ll always be the conquest you were never able to conquer,
And that’s okay. I know my worth, know the love I deserve and…

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