Peaceful, Easy Sunday Writing Session — Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


After a weeks’ worth of waking early and working late into the evening, sleeping in is a justified reward. The trick is finding the sweet spot. Wake too soon, and it’s different to distinguish Sunday from my typical workday. I drag myself from my bed, tired, drained, and uninspired. Sleep too long, and the slow, tranquil parts slip away. I chase after my longed-for relaxing pace and end up feeling cheated, rushed, and resentful.

Preparation is the key. I purposely turn off my alarms, set my phone to silent, and adjust the thermostat to cool. My optimal bedroom temperature is between 65 and 68F. It makes snuggling into a warm cocoon with my favorite fluffy downy comforter and pillows is a rare indulgence. Waking without an alarm to the aroma of a freshly brewed coffee is a decadent treat. One quick push of the start button is all it takes…

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