Don’t give-up…..

Come enjoy this!!


 Don’t give-up

I changed face, I changed cities and played the jester well.
I believed the stories in the wind, I believed in the voices of the traitors who forsaken my generation.

I fought ghost for cold-hearten government who cannot be forgiven. In hell, men, who killed for profit shall pay.

I remember holding my 30-30 and feeling empty. The phone rung and dear Grandmother Beulah told me. We need and love you my baby. Please don’t give-up.

I was saved often and I tried to save people who felt empty and alone.
Once I wanted to be the king of the forest. I toil and toil for big companies, made ungraceful men rich and forgot. I needed the mercy of love near.
I told the young, you must ask yourself. How will you die? Did you die standing for love, for kindness, were you kind to nature and the…

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