Age, not a cage


Life kissed me long and deep
leaving a road map of experiences all along
you may call them wrinkles and lines but they are
ridges and furrows left in the wake of living to the fullest
butterfly kisses of a coddled, cloistered infancy
innocent, gentle pecks of carefree childhood
exciting, raging hormonal nips of tempestuous teenage
and then sometimes passionate, sometimes angry bites of adulthood!

Don’t for a moment think I am steeped in misery
because all you see is a crooked bag of bones
bent like the wishy-washy weeping willow
look at the twinkle as my eyes crinkle
my toothless smile a testimony to the knocks I knocked off
gracefully or otherwise!

Age is a raiding marauder
singing a ghostly song
silencing beauty and youth as it rampages
except, it can’t steal the joie de vivre of living
till death swiftly whisks me away.

What do you see- 52…

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