A Vivid Tapestry Created by the Voices in My Head – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I am home alone when I hear a strange noise downstairs. It is a break-in, the neighbor’s crafty cat. No, I see three black-suited men who I noticed following me this week. Wait, maybe it is a homicidal maniac with a knife. In reality, it is the dishwasher beginning its pre-programmed cycle. The next morning, as I shower, I overhear two peasants discussing their plans to depose the evil king. On my drive to work, a voice concocts an elaborate story. The narrator describes the setting, while the characters inform me of the challenges they will face.

No, I am not crazy. Yes, I hear and speak to voices. They fuel my active imagination and provide details for the stories I write. I depend on them, using them as an essential part of my writing process. They are integral to discovering my character’s motivations and desires. They direct the plot…

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