Inspiration II


What is my inspiration?
I’ve been asked this many times
where do I as poet find
the substance for these lines?

Well, there’s a simple answer
because it’s all about the things
that I see all around me
and the pleasure that all brings

For there is something lovely
to be found, I find, and said
to bring a ray of sunshine
when, if truth be told, instead

the reality is something else
and forgiven we would be
for feeling pretty miserable
about most things we see

But there’s the ‘rub’ of course as well
the gift of every poet
to sew the seeds of happiness
in words, and don’t we know it!

For here is opportunity
to paint a picture that
the reader can escape to
and keep sanity intact

So what’s my inspiration?
it is all I see and do
which I will duly craft to words

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2 thoughts on “Inspiration II

    1. Good for you! That is the way to get started. Writing poetry is wonderful, fun and fulfilling. You might want to check out writing Elfchens – just 11 words in five lines. Also, there is a great book, easy reading but powerful you might like too – Poemcrazy – available on Amazon.


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