Mesmerizing Fuchsia

Steps In Between

This photo was taken by my daughter, on a walk in her neighborhood. It prompted a delightful visit with the gardener, who was so kind and lively, my daughter asked me to write a poem for her. I love inspiration from nature, especially flowers, yet even more, from the souls behind them. I am honored to write this poem for such a kindhearted neighbor. I wish her well, and many more safe and happy years behind the enchantment of the Fuchsia!

Mesmerizing Fuchsia


Petal-pink ballgowns drape.

They dance in cool winds,

for the spellbound onlooker.


Bough bound performers leap,

plié amid the garden, provide

bewilderment for evil ones,

enchanted guardians of home.


It is said the fuchsia protects,

first springing from the blood

at the base of the cross, offering

blessings to each new bride.


Humble and entrusted love

rests on the fuchsia plant,

as she…

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