All About Vitamin B2

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Vitamin B2 is otherwise known as Riboflavin. It was founded in 1872 by scientist Alexander Blyth. However, its name and recognition as a B_vitamin wasn’t until the late 1930s. Its name is associated with its structure. “Ribo” meaning 5 pertaining to the ribose sugar and “flavin” due to its ring shape.

Great sources of Vitamin B2 include beef, lamb, salmon, eggs and dairy products. Although statistics show that cereal products are now responsible for 20% of UK Vitamin B2 intake. A national study of the UK found that dairy products can contribute as little as 27% of total Vitamin B2 content.

Research has found a strong link between countries/age groups that consume very little milk and the prevalence of Vitamin B2 deficiency. The highest deficiency rating in Britain is in females of 15-18 years. They found that 95% of this demographic were deficient in Vitamin B2.

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