#OctPoWriMo Day 11: Poem — Rispetto — “On Muses” #amwritingpoetry

the prompt is write a “letter to your Muse


For OctPoWriMo Day 11 the prompt is write a “letter to your Muse asking the best way to hear them, work with them, and how to work in the creative stream.” Using the form of a Rispetto with the form in iambic tetrameter (6 syllables) with a rhyme scheme ofabab ccdd.

Credit: Hannah Grace via Unsplash.

I don’t care for muses,

Such fickle floozies.

But, words given, fired deep;

Where mind, creationseeps.

I think there’s solid hope,

In gifts given, spoken —

Refined by all writers,

Refined by time, spite;

In a room owned, lighted.


We’ll write forever for,

Rights to write; daily norms —

That should be ingrained in,

Everyone living.

Creativity, gifts —

We receive and insist.

Write of life good, mistakes;

When you can’t think, relate.


©️Amanda_ME. (2020) All Rights Reserved.

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