My great love……

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 My great love..

 I told the young writer, we shall have many great loves. Many women will steal our heart, make us want everything and more. But there are those maidens, who can awake us from the slumber of a dead sleep. I do remember a Spring flower in 1978, in the month of late May. Long blond hair, dancing blue eyes and a face of a angel. I fell into treason in all things I loved to be near her. She was my illusion of perfection. She found me alone by the small lake, we talked, held hands and I fell into the majesty of her.

We were shrouded with youth and we were crazy fearless. Wanting everything and more. I loved her eyes when she spoke. I could see the ancient cities, the sea and open sky in her eyes. I remember she took me to her home, we…

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