Mws R Writings

Baffled by MwsR

“This too shall pass”, I think not

Maybe it is because there is this huge knot

It goes wherever I do

You played me for a fool

I wish that last day

Before it all went away

You’d of told me you were sorry

That you weren’t in a hurry

To get rid of me in your life

Felt like you sliced my soul with a knife

You cared not,

Your temper was too hot

Maybe you did not fully think

It all did happen on my end, in a blink

Words were tossed out from your heart

You did not act too smart

I was pregnant

You acted ignorant

Wanting to hit me

You aren’t a special entity

You were merely a bully

Trying to impose your own ways

Forgetting that I didn’t have to stay

I also had my own say

Look at how domineering…

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